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This event page lists performances that are produced by BPAC,

our designated Partner arts organizations, and select other events.

It is not a complete, exhaustive list of every event in BPAC's venues.

BPAC does not operate an in-person box office on campus with regular hours.

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BPAC 2023-2024 Season NOW ON SALE!

BPAC MARCH 2024.jpg

5 Mainstage Events

6 Family Fun Events

3 Comedy Events


Music, Magic, Theatre, Dance, Comedy--it's all here in BPAC's 2023-2024 Season! From Tony Award-winning Broadway stars like Paulo Szot to the legendary Paul Taylor Dance Company to the Parent-Friendly Kindie Rock trio, Big Bang Boom!

Ruth Pauley Lecture Series

Spring 2024 RPLS Graphic_edited.jpg

Joseph Blocher

Thursday, March 21 7:00 pm

Anne E. Weiss

Thursday, April 25 7:00 pm

Owens Auditorium


The mission of Ruth Pauley Lecture Series is to deepen society’s understanding of key issues and encourage public participation in their resolution. Admission to RPLS lectures is free, but registration is required. Advance registration recommended.

Judson Theatre Company
Butterflies are Free


Insta Box BAFRev3.jpg

Thursday, March 7 -

Sunday, March 10

Owens Auditorium


Freedom, friendship, and romance collide in the Broadway comedy classic that will set your spirit free!


Don Baker is on a quest for independence, but his journey takes a  twist when he meets his eccentric neighbor, Jill. Their unconventional love story unfolds against the backdrop of 1960s counterculture, challenging societal norms and celebrating the transformative power of love. Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Morgan Fairchild plays Mrs. Baker, Don's well-intentioned yet overbearing mother, who adds a touch of comedy to this poignant exploration of freedom, self-discovery, and the beauty that emerges when we finally spread our wings.

BPAC Mainstage Series
The Interactive BEATLES Experience
Yesterday and Today


Y&T Logo.jpg

Friday, March 15

7:00 pm

Owens Auditorium

Through requests and memories, Yesterday and Today tells the audiences story using the Beatles catalogue. The band, anchored by brothers Billy, Matthew and Ryan McGuigan perform as themselves and leave the song choices completely up to you! The set list is created as the show happens, based upon the songs chosen by your audience; and the reasons that you chose those songs make up the narrative for the evening. Every show is different, every show is interactive and Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience proves that the Beatles music truly is the soundtrack to our lives.

James E. Holshouser Jr. Speaker Series
"Word on Fire, America in the Cross-Hairs: A National Security Briefing"

Lopez Flyer 3-18-2024_edited.jpg

Monday, March 18

5:00-7:00 pm

Owens Auditorium

"Word on Fire, America in the Cross-Hairs: A National Security Briefing"

Clare Lopez is Founder and President of Lopez Liberty LLC, a mission to alert Americans to national security threats from the Islamic Movement, the Muslim Brotherhood and their Marxist collaborators. She is a senior advisory board member and Director of U.S. Geostrategic Security Issues for Near East Center for Strategic Engagement.

Fellowship for Performing Arts
Film Screening

Most Reluctant Convert Flyer_edited.jpg

Wednesday, March 27

6:00 pm

Owens Auditorium

An elder C.S. Lewis looks back on his remarkable journey from hard-boiled atheist to the most renowned Christian writer of the past century.


The Most Reluctant Convert features award-winning actor Max McLean as the older Lewis and Nicholas Ralph – breakout star of PBS Masterpiece’s All Creatures Great and Small – as young Lewis.

Fellowship for Performing Arts (FPA) is a New York City based not-for-profit production company whose mission is to produce theater and now film from a Christian worldview.This event is presented in collaboration with Sandhills Community College's CRU and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

BPAC Comedy Series
"That's So Raven" star
"If You're Over 40 and

YouKnow It...Clap Your Hands"


Rondell Sheridan Headshot.jpg

Friday, April 5

7:00 pm

Owens Auditorium

BPAC's new Comedy Series continues with comedian Rondell Sheridan performing his hilarious one man show "If You're Over 40 and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!" 

A hilarious look at the hurdles of life and love over 40. Rondell is best known for his role of Victor Baxter on the Disney Channel sitcom "That's So Raven."


He has appeared in over 200 television sitcoms during his 40 years in Comedy, as well as numerous appearances on "The Tonight Show."

BPAC Mainstage Series
Direct from NYC! The legendary
Paul Taylor Dance Company


Paul Taylor Dance Co.jpg

Friday, April 19

7:00 pm

Owens Auditorium

“One of the most exciting, innovative, and delightful dance companies in the entire world.” --The New York Times


One of the most famous and dynamic modern dance ensembles of our time, the Paul Taylor Dance Company has been innovating and transforming the art form of modern dance since 1954.


For over 65 years, the Paul Taylor Dance Company has toured the world, performing in more than 600 cities in 66 countries, representing the United States at arts festivals in more than 40 countries, and touring extensively throughout North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

BPAC Family Fun Series
Parent-Friendly Children's Music Kindie-Rock Trio
Big Bang Boom!


Big Bang Boom2.jpg

Sunday, April 21

3:00 pm

Owens Auditorium


Parent-Friendly Children’s Music! Call it “Kindie Rock” or call it a great afternoon at BPAC!

No Purple Dancing Dinosaurs here!


Big Bang Boom’s live show is high energy, and both parents and children find it hard to stay in their seats! From calling the kids on stage for the “Spongebob Chorus” to the “Parents vs. Kids Hokey-Poekey Challenge,” Big Bang Boom has made certain there is no sitting down at this fun and energetic show!


Playing covers (with a twist) combined with their hard-rockin’ funky original music has made Big Bang Boom the most-demanded children’s act in North Carolina.

Swan Lake ERCB.jpg

Thursday, May 2

7:00 pm

Owens Auditorium


The classic ballet, Swan Lake, tells a timeless tale of romance and enchantment. Set to Tchaikovsky's iconic and groundbreaking score, this poignant drama of true love and sacrifice captivates audiences to this day with it's range of technically and emotionally challenging roles for both Principal dancers and the Corps de Ballet.

European Royal Classical Ballet invites you to join the thousands of audience members through the years who have sat spellbound for an evening under the influence of this magnificent and magical ballet. Witness firsthand, the strength of pure and eternal love in the face of a dark and powerful sorcerer as you delight in the technical prowess and emotional depth the professional artists of European Royal Classical Ballet bring to the stage.


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